Клаус Кофли


My primary research interests are in evolutionary genomics, conservation genetics, and molecular ecology.

I use genetic and genomic methods to understand the patterns and processes of divergence among genes, populations, and species. Through the Genome 10K project, I am currently involved in projects using next-generation sequencing technologies and comparative genomics to generate and analyze genomes across the vertebrate tree of life. I also use bioinformatic approaches to assemble and analyze phylogenomic data sets to test phylogenetic hypotheses and understand how variation in functional constraint can affect phylogenetic signal and gene tree/species tree reconstruction. I am especially interested in the molecular evolution of the mammalian order Carnivora (dogs, cats, bears and their kin) and my research uses population genetic and phylogenetic tools to elucidate the evolutionary history within and among carnivoran species in the context of paleoenvironmental history.

My research also involves using molecular methods to address important issues in the conservation and management of biodiversity. This involves assessing the amount and distribution of genomic variation within populations using next-generation sequencing technologies, developing tools to enhance understanding of the abundance and distribution of species across their habitats, and using integrative data sets and species delimitation methods to confirm or update taxonomies.