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Совместный семинар с Лабораторией алгоритмической биологии

В пятницу, 9 декабря, в лаборатории геномной биоинформатики им. Ф.Г. Добржанского состоялся совместный семинар с сотрудниками лаборатории алгоритмической биологии (Санкт-Петербургский Академический Университет http://www.spbau.ru/). Ученые и исследователи обеих лабораторий выступили с докладами о проводимых исследованиях, используемых методах и своих открытиях.
two bioinformatics labs caucus
Программа семинара

Время Выступающий Название выступления
8:45 Steve & Pavel Welcome and Introductions
1 9:00 Alla Lapidus Use of bioinformatics in research
2 9:15 Alexey Gurevich QUAST: Quality Assessment for Genome Assemblies
3 9:30 Anton Bankevich SPAdes — single cell genome assembler
4 9:45 Yakov Sirotkin SPAdes User Support
5 10:00 Klaus-Peter Koepfli Genome 10K
6 10:15 Valentin Fondaratov Genome comparison framework
7 10:30 Anton A. Logachev Annotation of the cat genome last assembly
8 10:45 Alexander S. Kulikov Shortset superstring problem
11:00 BREAK
9 11:15 Dmitrij Antipov Misassembly correction
10 11:30 Alexey Antonik The coverage problem
11 11:45 Alexey Makunin Construction of a high-density genetic linkage map in domestic cat (Felis catus)
12 12:00 Pasha Dobrynin Synteny analysis in Laurasiatheria
13 12:15 Ekaterina Chernyaeva Whole genome sequence of Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates revealed in different regions of Russia
14 12:30 Nikolay Cherkasov Dobzhansky Center IT infrastructure
12:45 LUNCH
15 2:15 Ilya Minkin Sibelia: A Synteny Blocks Generation and Genome Comparison Tool
16 2:30 Alexey Pyshkin Likelihood approach in the distance estimation
17 2:45 Anton Svitin ARG Highway: take a ride of your life along the chromosome
18 3:00 Sergey Malov Statistical tools in genome wide association study
19 3:00 Gaik Tamazian Application of Cluster Analysis to GWAS Data Representation
20 3:30 Andrey Shevchenko CCR5-∆32  genotyping of the SP Injection Drug Users cohort» and «GWAS from the Botswana Harvard Partnership  cohort
3:45 BREAK
21 4:15 Sergey Nikolenko BayesHammer: Bayesian clustering for error correction in single-cell sequencing
22 4:30 Opeykin Alexander SPAdes graph processing parallelization
23 4:45 Yana Safonova NGS assemby of higly polymorphic diploid genomes
24 5:00 Kira Vyatkina Antibody sequencing
25 5:15 Mikhail Dvorkin Application of A Bruijn graphs in de novo sequencing of proteins
26 5:30 Andrey Prjibelski Utilizing multiple paired-end and mate-pair libraries for scaffolding and repeat resolution
27 5:45 Nikolay Vyahhi Education programs and Tools. Rectangle graph approach to repeat resolution in genome assembly
7:00 Торжественный ужин