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Retreat Oct 2014

RETREAT AGENDA Shissleburg, October 24, 25 2014

10:00 Steve O’Brian Introduction
10:10 Alla Lapidus Education program at DC
10:30 Olga Bajenova Analysis of the genomic determinants responsible for the development of metastasis in human
10:50 Alexey Gurevich Oncology data analysis tool
11:10 Anton Svitin GWATCH and Beyond
11:50 Andrey Shevcheko Replication in Genome-Wide Association Studies in the two Botswana cohorts
12:10 Kirill Grigorev Preparation of the Botswana WGS cohort track for the GWATCH genome browser
12:30 Neslie Avgan The frequencies of various genetic diseases in Botswana
12:50 Vladimir Brukhon 1000 Russian Genome Project
14:00 Vlad Savelev NGS analysis infrastructure in AstraZeneca: finding most relevant genomic variants
14:20 Katya Chernyaeva The results of metagenomic analysis of sustainable laboratory consortium of heterotrophic bacteria and cyanobacteria Prochlorothrix hollandica
14:40 Yana Safonova Novel high-resolution algorithm for antibody repertoire construction
15:00 Ekaterina Starostina A quality assessment tool for antibody repertoires
15:20 Kira Vyatkina Tag generation from deconvoluted bottom-up tandem mass spectra
15:40 Dmitry Antipov Developing rnaSPAdes
16:00 Klaus-Peter Koepfli Convergent evolution of a Golden Jackal-like morphology in Africa and Eurasia
16:40 Tang NPC in China Back Ground
17:00 Anna Gorbunova Genetics determinants for Epstein-Barr virus infection and nasopharyngeal carcinoma
17:20 Andrey Prjibelski Developing rnaQUAST
17:40 Maria Baranova Population genomics of hiperdiverse fungus Schizophyllum commune
18:00 Gaik Tamazian Computational framework of genome annotation projects
18:20 Aleksey Komissarov Unification of genome annotation projects
10:00 NIkolay Cherkasov Dobzhansky Center IT equipment and list of data
10:20 Ksenia Krasheninnikova 4-way Felidae alignment using progressiveCactus
10:40 Pasha Dobrynin Cheetah genome project
11:00 Andrey Yurchenko Genomics of cat domestication.
11:40 Sergey Nurk SPArcle: Novel tool for microbial genome variation analysis
12:00 Sofiia Kolchanova Parrots of the Caribbean
12:20 Misha Rotekevich Genome databases: new developments.
12:40 Sergey Simonov Evolution of the Genome Browser in Dobzhansky Center
13:00 Alexey Antonik A new approach in signal localization: advantages over classical methods and perspectives.
13:20 Anton Logachev Repeats in the cat
13:40 Mike Rayko The pangolin Genome