General interest of Dr. Sergey V.Malov in the project is an application of mathematical methods in genetics. Main interest is to use modern statistical methods in gene discovery. Current interests are following:

(i). Gene wide association study (GWAS). The aim of GWAS is to specify disease association genes. Hundred of thousands SNP variants across a genome are tested on association with the disease by different tests. Different tests based on fixed time point data, longitudinal and survival data are involved in testing process. The aim is to analyze and interpret correctly results of statistical tests simultaneously. The GWAS methods will be applied to discover AIDS restriction genes.

(ii). Whole genome assembling process currently does not lead to exact genomic sequence. The whole genome association with vertebrate species is dependent on accuracy of genome assembling. Some technical aspects of genome assembling, using probabilistic and Monte Carlo methods for genome assembling are among current interests of Dr. Sergey V.Malov in the project.

Current scientific interests:

  • Survival Analysis, Censored Data, Multivariate Rank Statisics
  • Dependence concept. Copulas.
  • Biostatistics, Applications of Multivariate Rank Statistics of  Survival Analysis
  • Biostatistics, GLM, Multivariate contingency tables
  • Applications of mathematical and statistical methods in genomic analysis

Current research interests:

  • Data analysis in AIDS research
  • Population genetics, statistical data analysis
  • Application of statistical methods in gene discovery

Teaching experience:

  • Courses on Probability Theory, Math. Statistics, Random Processes, Mathematical Analysis, Linear algebra at St.-Petersburg Electrotechnical University “LETI”;
  • Courses on Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics at St.-Petersburg State University
  • Special courses “Regression analysis”, “Random Processes in Biology and Medicine”, “Survival Analysis” for specialization “Biostatistics” at St.-Petersburg State University.