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Publications submitted in 2016

  1. Antonik, A., Berred, A., Malov, S. V. Coverage Problem revisited, The Annals of Applied Probability Submitted.

  2. Olga Bajenova, Elena Tolkunova, Alexander Davydov-Sinitsyn, Peter Thomas, Stephen O’Brien. The role of carcinoembryonic antigen binding protein (CEAR) in colorectal cancer cells tumorigenesis. Submitted. Clinical and Experimental metastasis MS745.

  3. Olga Bajenova, Anna Gorbunova, Igor Evsyukov, Michael Rayko, Katya Bozhokina and Stephen O’Brien. Analysis of carcinoembryonic antigen signaling by colorectal cancer cells using RNA-sequencing Submitted

  4. Rui BORGES, Warren E. JOHNSON, Stephen J. O’BRIEN, Christopher P. HEESY, and Agostinho ANTUNES Patterns of Opsin Gene Evolution Reflect Adaptation of Early Mammals to Nocturnal Environments Submitted GBE (MS774).

  5. Borisova, Anna; Eneyskaya, Elena; Bobrov, Kirill; Jana, Suvamay; Logachev, Anton; Polev, Dmitrii; Lapidus, Alla; Ibatullin, Farid; Saleem, Umair; Sandgren, Mats; Payne, Christina; Kulminskaya, Anna; Ståhlberg, Jerry. Sequencing, biochemical characterization, crystal structure and molecular dynamics of Cellobiohydrolase Cel7A from Geotrichum candidum 3C. Submitted

  6. Choo Siew Woh, Tze King Tan, Ranjeev Hari, Agostinho Antunes, Klaus-Peter , Jessica Alfoldi, Lindblad-Toh Kerstin, Ian C. Paterson, Wong Guat Jah, Gang Fang, Frankie Thomas Sitam, Kayal Vizi Karuppannan, Jeffrine Rovie Ryan Japning, Deyou Zheng, Mark B. Gerstein, Leonard Lipovich, Spephen J O’Brien Comparative genome analysis provides insights into the evolutionary adaptations of pangolins . Submitted MS807

  7. Machado, João Paulo, Siby Philip, Emanuel Maldonado, Stephen J O’Brien, Warren E Johnson and Agostinho Antunes Positive selection and recent gene duplication linked with generation of novel mammalian dentition patterns. Submitted MS806

  8. Lopez et al Leveraging the Power of Community Cooperation to Advance Invertebrate Genomics – Updates from the GIGA consortium Submitted

  9. Malov S.V. & O’Brien S.J. (2016). Signal localization: a new approach in signal discovery. Submitted to Biometrical Journal (second round).

  10. Malov S.V. & O’Brien S.J. (2016). Life Table Estimator Revisited. Submitted to Statistics & Probability Letters (first round).

  11. O’Leary, C.A. , L, Balme, M. Menotti-Raymond, V.A. David, S.J. O’Brien , B. Penglis, S. Hendrikson, M. Reeves-Johnson, S. Gottlieb, L. Fleeman, D. Vankan, G. Morahan, J. Rand. Genetic Risk Factors Contributing to High Diabetes Mellitus Incidence in Australian-bred Burmese Cats Map to Feline Chromosomes C2, A3 and C1 Submitted MS805

  12. Philip S, Johnson WE, Gilbert MTP, Zhang G, Jarvis ED, O’Brien SJ, Antunes A. (2014) Did adaptive evolution of avian Superoxide Dismutases (SOD) improve flight efficiency and lengthen life-expectancy in birds (Submitted to Genome Biology and Evolution).(MS791)

  13. Tamazian, Gaik , Pavel Dobrynin, Aleksey Komissarov, Klaus-Peter and Stephen J. O’Brien. Chromosomer: a reference-assisted assembly tool for producing draft chromosome sequences. Submitted. MS787

  14. Wen Xie, Denis Agniel, Andrey Shevchenko, Sergey V. Malov, Anton Svitin Nikolay Cherkasov , Vladimir Novitsky, Marianna Baum, Adriana Campa, Hermann Bussmann, Joe Makhema, Richard Marlink, Tun-Hou Lee, Tianxi Cai, Stephen J. O’Brien, Myron Essex. Genome-wide Analyses Reveals Gene Influence on AIDS progression and HIV-1C acquisition in Southern Africa Submitted MS794.