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Web Platforms

  • Genome-based Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Variation (GMTV) Database The first database, which integrates clinical, epidemiological and microbiological with genome variations based on whole genome sequencing data.Currently the database contains genomic information on SNPs and Indels of Russian Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains.
    GMTV Database contains a broad spectrum of data derived from different sources and related to M. tuberculosis molecular biology, epidemiology, TB clinical outcome, year and place of isolation, drug resistance profiles and displays the variants across the genome using a dedicated genome browser.
  • GWATCH – Genome Wide Association Tracks Chromosome HighwayGWATCH is a web based genome browser designed to automate analysis, visualization and data release of Whole Genome Sequence and GWAS variant (SNP, indels, CNV, or other genomic) association studies of genetic epidemiological cohort studies. For any association study, GWATCH allows cataloging and viewing of significant associations statistical results (p-values, odds ratios, hazard ratios and others) for single or multiple SNPs, for single or multiple tests.GWAS data are collected and subjected to patient and SNP calling quality control by the researchers. Statistical association tests are designed to help detect genetic different among study groups with alternative phenotypes or disease outcomes. Each SNP-test combination will include categorical patient counts, p-values and a Quantitative Association Statistic (QAS, a general term for statistics explaining direction and strength of associations: odds ratio, relative hazard and ez2-transformed correlation coefficient, depending on the particular statistical test). An unabridged data file listing association test, categorical patient counts, p-values and QAS for each SNP-test combination comprises the initial the initial input to GWATCH.
  • GARFIELD – Genome Browser The Genome Browser used in Dobzhansky Center allows not only represent genetic data in a convenient way, but also to accumulate all the genetic data about selected species. Currently the browser based on UCSC Genome browser platform and contain all genetic information about Felis Catus (domestic cat). The browser is available at URL: http://garfield.dobzhanskycenter.org and will be extended to other species in the project.
    In addition to this in MTB project for analysis and visualization of different variations of Mycobacterium tuberculosis we used JBrowse model.