Anton Logachev


Anton Logachev graduated from St.-Petersburg State University (faculty of biology and soil sciences) in 2010. He is specialized in mycology and cell biology and performed his bachelor and master study in the laboratory of Fungal Systematics and Geography at Komarov’ Botanical Institute RAS (BIN RAS). Anton Logachev is a PhD student at BIN RAS since 2010 and his research topic is connected with phylogenetic reconstruction in mushroom-forming fungi. During 2011 Anton Logachev participated in project “Influence of auxin on lateral root initiation in squash Cucurbita pepo” that was funded by government of Russian Federation.

General interest of Anton Logachev in the Dobzhansky Center for bioinformatics is the bioinformatical approaches for creating of more powerful and reliable phylogenetic reconstructions. He is also interested in creating of new phylogenetic model of Agaricomycetes based on finding and comparison of key genes involved in fruiting body development.

Scientific interests at glance:

  • bioinformatics
  • molecular phylogeny
  • evolution of development
  • polarized growth of fungal hyphae

    Ilina E, A. Logachev, L. Laplaze, N. Demchenko, K. Pawlowski, K. Demchenko/Composite Cucurbita pepo plants with transgenic roots as a tool to study root development/Annals of Botany//2012, in press (doi:10.1093/aob/mcs086, available online at