New articles about Human Genome Analysis

Several new articles about Human Genome analysis were published in Nature in September 2016

The articles demonstrate a trends in research

Genome Russia samples


For Genome Russia project, 917 blood samples accumulated in The Center from representatives from Bashkiria, Kabardino-Balkaria, Kalmykia, Karachevo-Cherkessia, Komi, Tatarstan, Chechnya, Krasnoyarsk, Fat East, Khabarovsk, Arkhangelst regions, Nizhni-Novgorod, Tverskaya region and Sankt-Petrsburg. Most of the samples passed DNA selection procedure, quality control and ready for sequencing. The first 4 DNA samples already sequenced in SPbSU’s platform “Illumina 2500″. The results demonstrate both: that it possible to sequencing and need to improve quality of sequencing.



Congratulation to Dr. Vladimir Brukhin to win a grant competition.
Russian Foundation of Basic Researches selected the winners of competition for a proposals of mutual cooperative projects between Russian and Indian research groups. There were 145 proposals and only 50 includes into the list of the winners and one of them, headed by Leading researcher of The Laboratory “Genome Bioinformatics



Dr. Vladimir Brukhin and Professor of University of Zurich, Grossniklaus Ueli won a competition of mutual projects between Russian Foundation of Basic Researches and Switzerland Nation Science Foundation. The Title of the project is “Sequencing, assemble and annotation of high heterozygous genome of apomictive plant “Boechera divaricarpa”.