The Cat: evolution, domestication and Genome 10k


Кошачья жизнь

De novo assembly of an Amur tiger whole-genome sequence is published

Interview: Dr Stephen O’Brien pioneers genome ‘bible’ for scientists to cure diseases

The tiger genome and comparative analysis with lion and snow leopard genomes

Lectures by Dr. Taras Oleksyk, professor at the University of Puerto Rico

Our Center continues to develop its international colaborations in the scientific community. Last week Dr. T. Oleksyk was here with a scientific visit. This outstanding researcher is so resourceful that his sequencing project runs independently from grants and are funded by his fundraising activities.


Killer didn’t have a ‘Snowball’s’ chance as cat’s DNA puts him away in murder of gal pal


American Humane Association announces three new senior fellows for humane research institutes

As the nation’s sole humanitarian organization dedicated to the unique dual focus of protecting both children and animals, American Humane Association has, since 1877, relied upon sound research and science to drive its policy goals.

Straight talk with… Stephen O’Brien

Straight talk with…Stephen O’Brien
by Elie Dolgin
Nature Medicine 19, 9 (2013) doi:10.1038/nm0113-9
Published online 07 January 2013

Polly Wanna Genome?

Puerto Rican businesses and residents come together to support the genomic sequencing of the island’s only native parrot species, hoping to help protect the endangered bird.
Sequencing the parrot’s genome could not only serve as a tool for studying the current genetic variation of the Puerto Rican parrot, but could also help identify genetic changes that accompanied the diversification of ancestral parrot species.

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Dr. Stephen O’Brien interview (in Russian)

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HIV besieges St. Petersburg. There is still no vaccine

Интервью газете “Вечерний Петербург” Козлова А.П. “ВИЧ берет Петербург в осаду. А вакцины все нет”

To Russia (and Sweden) with Love: Taking AWRI’s Mission of Compassion Worldwide

To Russia (and Sweden) with Love: Taking AWRI’s Mission of Compassion Worldwide
by Dr. Patricia Olson
“I was invited to give a lecture at the newly forming genomic institute at the St. Petersburg State University. Dr. Stephen O’Brien, former head of the Laboratory for Genomic Diversity at the National Institutes of Health, is helping to create the new institute. Dr. O’Brien and I worked together in the United States to help develop a new genetic tool for identifying causes of diseases in a wide variety of cats. There I met young scientists at the institute who are very excited about their future work.”

Cats have DNA profiles