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PostDoc open position

The Dobzhansky Centers for Genomic Bioinformatics at the St. Petersburg State University headed by Prof. Stephen O’Brien is advertising a postdoc position in the group of Vladimir Brukhin (http://dobzhanskycenter.spbu.ru/en/archives/staff/vladimir-brukhin).

The research topic: “Sequencing, assembly and annotation of the highly heterozygous genome of the apomictic plant Boechera divaricarpa”. Classifiers: Bioinformatics; Molecular and Cellular Biology; Plant Genomics; Plant Developmental Biology.

The project is carried out in cooperation with the Prof. Ueli Grossniklaus (University of Zurich in Switzerland) and Prof. Thomas Mitchell-Olds (Duke University in North Carolina).

Requirements for the candidate: PhD in the field of bioinformatics, computer science, molecular genetics, molecular biology or similar fields. The candidate should be familiar with the basic bioinformatic tools, as well as has the ability to quickly learn assemblers such as Platanus, Discovar, etc., to understand the algorithms for assembly of highly heterozygous genomes (~230 MB) without reference, and be interested in plant genomes. Knowledge of the basics programming is highly desirable. The candidate has to be able to talk and write in English, to prioritize work stages, meet deadlines, the ability to work in a group and interact constructively with international partners are important. Skills of writing scientific publications for international peer-reviewed journals are necessry.

A successful candidate will be appointed at the Dobzhansky Center for Genomic Bioinformatics, SPSU for a period of two years with a possible extension for the third year depending on the obtained results and publishing records.The salary will be 60K rubles per month (equal to $1K US) with possible additional payment from grants.

More detailes about the project and conditions can be obtained from the project PI Vladimir Brukhin, Email: vbrukhinATgmailDOTcom, tel. +7 (812) 363-61-03.

Interested candiates should send CV, a motivation letter with a statement of experience and scientific interests, and 2-3 letters of recommendation to Vladimir Brukhin email: vbrukhinATgmailDOTcom

The application for the position is closed after 15.10.2017