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Workshops by visiting professors

As part of global cooperation and boosting the development of bioinformatics in Russia, Dobzhansky Center hosted seminars and workshops with prominent scientists.

Joan Pontius , Senior Bioinformatics Scientist at SRA International, spent 10 days training the Center’s staff to use advanced bioinformatics tools. Below is the list of topics brought up by Joan Pontius during the seminars :

  • Basics of command line interface
  • BLAST and EPCR programs for DNA sequence alignment, reciprocal best matches
  • Use of Perl and BioPerl for scripting and automation
  • Repeat masking
  • GMAP and other gene annotation software
  • GBrowse platform for genome browser construction
  • Project management ideas and software

Denis Larkin, who is actively engaged in studying chromosomal evolution and selection in mammals and other species using state-of-the-art methods of molecular genomics and bioinformatics at the Aberystwyth University,  dedicated his seminars and workshops to the following topics:

  • Introduction to synteny analysis
  • Synteny Tracker and Evolution Highway – software for synteny analysis and visualization