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Joint caucus with Algorithmic Biology Lab

Friday, December 9, Theodosius Dobzhansky Center for Genome Bioinformatics hosted a joint caucus with Algorythmic Biology laboratory (St Petersburg Academic University). Researchers of both centers gave presentations of their work, acievements they have accomplished, as well as about methods and advanced computer tools they use.
two bioinformatics labs caucus

Time Speaker Title
8:45 Steve & Pavel Welcome and Introductions
1 9:00 Alla Lapidus Use of bioinformatics in research
2 9:15 Alexey Gurevich QUAST: Quality Assessment for Genome Assemblies
3 9:30 Anton Bankevich SPAdes – single cell genome assembler
4 9:45 Yakov Sirotkin SPAdes User Support
5 10:00 Klaus-Peter Koepfli Genome 10K
6 10:15 Valentin Fondaratov Genome comparison framework
7 10:30 Anton A. Logachev Annotation of the cat genome last assembly
8 10:45 Alexander S. Kulikov Shortset superstring problem
11:00 BREAK
9 11:15 Dmitrij Antipov Misassembly correction
10 11:30 Alexey Antonik The coverage problem
11 11:45 Alexey Makunin Construction of a high-density genetic linkage map in domestic cat (Felis catus)
12 12:00 Pasha Dobrynin Synteny analysis in Laurasiatheria
13 12:15 Ekaterina Chernyaeva Whole genome sequence of Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates revealed in different regions of Russia
14 12:30 Nikolay Cherkasov Dobzhansky Center IT infrastructure
12:45 LUNCH
15 2:15 Ilya Minkin Sibelia: A Synteny Blocks Generation and Genome Comparison Tool
16 2:30 Alexey Pyshkin Likelihood approach in the distance estimation
17 2:45 Anton Svitin ARG Highway: take a ride of your life along the chromosome
18 3:00 Sergey Malov Statistical tools in genome wide association study
19 3:00 Gaik Tamazian Application of Cluster Analysis to GWAS Data Representation
20 3:30 Andrey Shevchenko CCR5-∆32  genotyping of the SP Injection Drug Users cohort” and “GWAS from the Botswana Harvard Partnership  cohort
3:45 BREAK
21 4:15 Sergey Nikolenko BayesHammer: Bayesian clustering for error correction in single-cell sequencing
22 4:30 Opeykin Alexander SPAdes graph processing parallelization
23 4:45 Yana Safonova NGS assemby of higly polymorphic diploid genomes
24 5:00 Kira Vyatkina Antibody sequencing
25 5:15 Mikhail Dvorkin Application of A Bruijn graphs in de novo sequencing of proteins
26 5:30 Andrey Prjibelski Utilizing multiple paired-end and mate-pair libraries for scaffolding and repeat resolution
27 5:45 Nikolay Vyahhi Education programs and Tools. Rectangle graph approach to repeat resolution in genome assembly
7:00 Reception and dinner party