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On Monday 22nd 2018 at 13:00, Klaus Koepfli will give a talk “How Genomics can Inform Management of Ex Situ Populations of Endangered Species.” in the Dobzhansky Center



Congratulate professor Stephen O’Brien with new title: Full member of US National Academy of Sciences!

Steve’s appreciation letter available here

Летняя школа Института биоинформатики приглашает участников!

23–28 июля в пригороде Санкт-Петербурга пройдет Летняя школа, организованная Институтом биоинформатики. К участию приглашаются студенты, аспиранты и молодые специалисты биологических и технических специальностей, интересующиеся биоинформатикой и желающие развиваться в этой области. Основная тема этого года — биоинформатика в исследованиях рака. Студентов ждут лекции от ведущих ученых, интенсивные практики, доклады от более опытных участников и работа >>>

Short Retreat-report

Short Retreat-report was held in Dobzhansky Centre on Thoursday, February 1. The speakers were: Stephen O’Brien, Vladimir Brukhin, Pasha Dobrynin and Dmitry Polev. In addition to this in discussions participate Sergey Aplonov, Valeri Puzyrev, Gennady Vasiliev etc.

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2015.12.15 Congratulation to Dr. Vladimir Brukhin to win a grant competition. Russian Foundation of Basic Researches selected the winners of competition for a proposals of mutual cooperative projects between Russian and Indian research groups. There were 145 proposals and only 50 includes into the list of the winners and one of them, headed by Leading >>>


Media about us


Russian Academy of Science elected as a foreign member of the Academy Stephen O’Brien. Congratulation! It’s real approve his efforts on develop science in Russia https://indicator.ru/article/2016/10/28/pobediteli-vyborov-v-ran-inostrannye-chleny/

TV broadcasting chanal St/Petersberg Made a clip about Theodosius Dobzhansky Center for Genome Bioinformatics

TV Channel Sankt-Petersburg in a serie “Matrix of Science” made 15 minutes video about Theodosius Dobzhansky Centre for Genome Bioinformatics. See the clip on youtube

The SPbSU’s Laboratory "Theodosius Dobzhansky Center for Genome Bioinformatics" was founded in 2011 on Megagrant from Russian Ministry of Sciences and Education to support scientific researches, conducted under the control of world leading scientists in Russians high educational and scientific entities.

The basic goal was to create a laboratory in which specialists in genetics and bioinformatics, students and researchers will develop, apply and implement innovative computational methods for annotating and describing the genes of different species, identifying their functions and, for the future, utilizing those results into health care, agriculture and conservation application.

To achieve this goal, a wide support of international scientific community was used to create available bioinformatician tools for analysis and implementation of the newest achievements in genetics, bioinformatics and computations biology.

At the end of the grant period, several scientific directions had been formed and each of them continues to progress.

The major current project is Genome Russia with support and financing by administration of StPbSU. The primary target of the project is collecting, sequencing and analysis of full genomes of different regional groups of people living on the territory of the Russian Federation and comparing the genomes with each other and from different ethnos for recognition of new genetic variations associated with different diseases and the selection of information markers of people migrating into different regions. The other valuable projects of the Centre are:

  • Animal Comparative Genomics: Using genomics to understand the evolution of genes, gene families, repetitive elements, genome architecture and natural selection among different organismal lineages and their impact on biological diversification.
  • Conservation Genomics: Using genomics to develop metrics and application to address the conservation and management of captive and wild populations of endangered species
  • Researches in genomes of clinical strains of tuberculoses source - Mycobacterium tuberculosis. The researches related to comparative genomics of M. tuberculosis and search of margers, associated with clinical and microbiological characteristics of the pathogen. A database of genome variation of the strains of M.tuberculosis distributed in all around the world and combine genetical, clinical, microbiological and geographical data (GMTV) was created in the framework of the research. The research conducts in cooperation with StPetersburg Research institute of Pulmonology and support by SPSU and RFBR.
  • Develop methods of genome research and associated genetics and mathematical statistics; create 3D genome browser, oriented to whole genome association study (GWAS).
  • Assembling and annotation of heterozygote genomes of plants de novo.
    • Assembly and annotation of highly heterozygous genomes of plants de novo, identification of patterns and search for genes responsible for switching from sexual reproduction to apomixis, investigation of genes associated with apomixis under evolutionary selection. The project is supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research.
    • Assembly and annotation of highly heterozygous genomes of plants de novo, identification of regularities and search for genes responsible for switching from sexual reproduction (amphimixis) to asexual (apomixis), investigation of genes associated with apomixis under evolutionary selection. Comparative analysis of apomixis associated genes in apomictic and sexual plant species. The project is supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR).